Associate Membership

CREDAI Kolhapur Associate Membership

  1. CREDAI-Kolhapur (formerly PBAK) has finalized category as "Associate Member", as per the rules for enrollment of Associate Member as provided in the Articles of the Association (bye laws).
  2. At present, the Associate Members can become member provided their parent company is an ordinary member of our Association.
  3. The annual subscription fee for the associate member is as per the prevailing rate.
  4. There are limited rights for the Associate Members but enjoys the benefits of the Association.
  5. "Any Person, firm, company and any other body to which the ordinary member of the Association is connected whether as Proprietor, Director, Trustee, Partner, or their-wise can be admitted to the Membership of Association as Associate Member/s". Such person, firm, company, association and /or any other body can be admitted as Associate member only if duly authorized and consented by concerned ordinary member and fulfilling all the following conditions.
  • The Parent company/firm holding Ordinary Membership or its director/directors or its partner/partners should be holding at least 25% stake in the new company/firm which has applied for Associate Membership.
  • The projects carried out by such a concern should be publicized and marketed under the same brand name as that of the Ordinary Member.
  • The parent company/firm holding Ordinary Membership should give an undertaking that it shall be fully responsible for the conduct of the Associate Member and is aware that in case of violation of the code of conduct by the Associate member it shall automatically loose its Ordinary Membership.
  • The Associate member will also give an undertaking to observe code of conduct of the Association.
  • That the Associate Members shall not be entitled for the circulars etc of the Association, also they are not entitled to attend the meetings and to cast votes. The associate member also cannot nominate the member.
  • That the Associate Member shall automatically cease to go, if the ordinary member ceases to be a member.