CREDAI Kolhapur Membership Rules

CREDAI Kolhapur Membership Rules

The Builder and Developer shall have to intimidate the CREDAI-Kolhapur office of his willingness to join the association. Following documents should accompany the intimation letter:

  • Completion certificate of the previous project.
  • Commencement certificate and brochures of on-going projects.
  • Copy of documents related to registration and constitution of the firm/company.
  • In case of forms out of Kolhapur, CREDAI membership certificate of other city is mandatory.
  • Any Proprietary concern/firm/company or body corporate applying for the Membership should submit letter/resolution indicating the name of the authorized person.
  • Copy of PAN Card of the firm/company.
  • Two latest photos of all the owners/partners of the firm/company.

The application will be considered only of those who have completed atleast one (?) project consisting of minimum 12 units (?), having good track record and should fall in line to observe the code of conduct of the Association.

The intimation letter along with above mentioned documents will then be proposed and seconded by the existing two members of the CREDAI-Kolhapur. One has to be a Managing Committee member and other can be an existing ordinary member. Both the proposer and seconder should have nil dues with CREDAI office.

The application of membership will be considered directly only if he is the member of CREDAI of any other city.

The Secretary / Chairman of the Membership Development Committee shall scrutinize the new application received for enrollment of membership. After the scrutiny the details will be circulated as a part of the Agenda to all the Managing Committee Members.

The Managing Committee has absolute and uncontrolled discretion either to accept or to reject the said application. The Committee shall not be bound to give any reason for such rejection. If the application is rejected, the applicant will be informed.

The applicant will be informed in writing if the application is accepted by the Managing Committee. The applicant will be furnished with the prescribed application form by paying necessary charges, welcome letter, Code of Conduct, Rule & Regulations, current bulletin and circulars, member directory, from the CREDAI-Kolhapur office. The form has to be filled out accordingly and submitted to the CREDAI-Kolhapur office within four business days after the membership acceptance intimation to avoid possibility of late fees.

Along with the form, the applicant shall submit the entrance fee and the Annual Subscription fees at the prevailing rates. The payment should be made by Cheque in the name of "PBAK".

It is obligatory on the part of all the members to follow all the Rule & Regulations, Code of Conduct, Code of Practices, strictly in the interest of the Business of the Association. The use of CREDAI-Kolhapur logo is compulsory in all the publicity and advertising material of the member.

In case of the following reasons, members should inform the managing committee to update the record of the Association:

  • If there is change in the name of the member-firm, wherein constitution of the firm as well as the registration no. (of Registrar of Firms) remains the same
  • If there is a change in the constitution of the member firm, wherein the name as well as the Registration no. (of Registrar of Firms) remains the same.
  • If there is a change in the constitution i.e. Partnership to Pvt. Ltd. Co. / Public Ltd. Co. or Proprietary & vice-versa then each of this case, if the original firm is dissolved, and in that place if the new organization as mentioned has come in existence.
  • In the above circumstances, it will not be treated as new membership but the same old membership will continue with the necessary modifications in the records of the Association.