Welcome to Credai Kolhapur

CREDAI Kolhapur is the local body of the private and organized real estate developers committed unanimously for the development of Kolhapur. There are 125 members including associate and provisional members covering over 80% of the local private real estate development across the District.

Credai Kolhapur President's Desk

Credai Kolhapur President - Mr.Mahesh Yadav

Mr.Mahesh Yadav


First of all I would like to extend my thanks to all our CREDAI members and past presidents for showing faith in me and giving me an opportunity to work as a President for the tenure 2015-2017.

Today worldwide economy is under great pressure. The effects are seen even in our country. Real Estate Industry is not an exception. To sustain our business even in such conditions, we as an association, are fighting to make things easier and suggest some improvements so that each one of us can achieve our goals. Issues like smoothening of sanctioning procedure at KMC, gradation of size of projects and suggesting sanctioning authorities for the same, excavation issues, labour welfare, TDR allocation and utilization related issues are few things that we are working on and 1 am sure our contribution will help KMC to resolve them faster.

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